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Therapy for Couples

Couples and romantic partners seek psychotherapy for many reasons and at many different stages of their lives, even when they are not experiencing any overt difficulties.

Some seek psychotherapy to strengthen their bond, relate with more ease or prepare for the next step in their lives together. Others come in crisis, uncertain of their futures, or wondering whether resolution of their problems is even possible.

Even if you and your significant other are experiencing serious conflicts, psychotherapy may be able to assist you. Some of my clients find that just beginning counseling can restore a sense of goodwill between them and their partner.

When combined with the support and guidance of a skilled therapist, this goodwill can form the foundation for renewed or deeper closeness and sharing.

Couples and relationship counseling can help you:

  • Reconnect emotionally
  • Understand one another and your strengths and vulnerabilities in your relationship
  • Understand the correlation between your early lives and your experience in relationships
  • Understand and express your needs authentically and non-reactively
  • Understand the origins of feelings of mistrust or reactivity
  • Develop strategies and skills for managing and resolving habitual tensions or conflicts and for communicating more effectively when stressed
  • Develop or adopt rituals or practices that will support and nurture your life as a couple
  • Develop your capacity for self-reflection, intimacy and trust, as well as emotional regulation when arguing or distressed
  • Cope with or address infidelity, divorce, remarriage, financial or employment stresses, loss, grief, parenting conflicts, cultural tensions, a personal history of trauma, depression, anxiety, disability, illness, care-giving or aging, or any other source of stress or adjustment in your lives

Treatment Focuses

Addiction & Recovery

Anger Management



Conflict Resolution

Behavioral Issues

Divorce Recovery

Emotional & Mood Disturbances

Family Conflict

Grief & Loss

Life Transitions

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Stress Management

Work & Career Issues

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